We, partners and peers in Plumas County, are committed to work for the economic health of Plumas County through tourism, recreation and civic participation. We accomplish this with a definition of common purpose, creating a protocol for communicating effectively among us and developing collaborative marketing strategies.

Plumas Arts

Plumas Arts cultivates a community in which the arts flourish.

Plumas Arts, our county's nonprofit local arts planning and programming agency, has worked for 30 years building local culture and community. In addition to being one of our region's primary cultural events producers, we coordinate arts education programs, host a gallery featuring the work of local artists, publish information about cultural events and serve other arts and tourism partners. Plumas Arts has grown strong and capable through our association with the California Arts Council's State Local Partnership Program.

Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce

Our picturesque mountain meadow land has been enchanting visitors since pioneer explorers first came here during the golden days of '49. Peter Lassen, the controversial Dane, found the area so attractive he took time out from his travels of exploration to erect a cabin and open a trading post on the sun side of the valley during the summer of 1851. The region was called Cache Valley at the time; the name was subsequently changed by the Noble party which passed through the area and was impressed by the number of natives residing here.

Permanent settlers soon followed to take up the fertile fields and plant roots for their families. Many of the homes and farm buildings seen in the valley today were erected by these early pioneers.

Quincy Chamber of Commerce

Nestled against the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, Quincy, the Plumas County seat is tucked at the edge of the lush American Valley. Quincy, being the largest community in Plumas County, with a population of only about 5,000, is located midway between Oroville and Reno on all-weather Scenic Byway.

Quincy is known for its attractive downtown buildings that have been made the focus of preservation and restoration. The four-story courthouse building on Main Street is the county's most dominant and impressive structure (not the oldest).

This enchanting town features murals of historical times in Quincy. Quincy has built a strong commitment to the arts, with a number of drama, musical, art shows and gallery events being staged at the historic Town Hall Theater.

Eastern Plumas Chamber of Commerce

Pleasurable Living under Mountains and Stars

Stretching along the Middle Fork of the Feather River to the sprawling Sierra Valley there is much to see and do. Eastern Plumas offers premiere lodging and camping, golfing, dining, bird watching, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, winter sports and back country driving. Miles and Miles of beautiful scenery, mountains, wild flowers, fall colors, Lakes and this is just a taste of what is on offer in Eastern Plumas County.

The defination of tranquility was established in Eastern Plumas County. Step outside at night and you can enjoy a maginificent view of the galaxy. The Stars look like you could reach out and touch them. Breathe the brisk, fresh clean air. Listen! There's nothing to hear. Experience peace, quiet and serenity. We have an unlimited amount of all three.

Lake Almanor Chamber of Commerce

Where the Sierra's meet the Cascades. Come together with the mountains.

The Lake Almanor Basin and surrounding area spread across a natural wonderland created by millions of years of geologic forces, a crossroad where the granite of the Sierra Nevada meets the lava of the Cascades.

Enjoy hours of pleasure on Lake Almanor with its 52 miles of shoreline, in Lassen Volcanic National Park which boasts the southernmost volcano in the Cascade range and in the 1.2 million acres that make up the Lassen National Forest and Caribou Wilderness area with over 300 campsites.

The Basin and surrounding area offer year round recreation with world class fishing in lakes and streams, family fun on water skis and snow skis, wakeboards, tubes and jet skis, snowmobiles, quiet mountain adventures in camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, birdwatching and championship golf.
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